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Creating Bridges: Spirituality & Philosophy:
The Path of Wisdom and Love

Stress Can Make you Prematurely Age

by Dr. John Demartini
Can experiencing high levels of stress make you prematurely age? You bet it can! There is no doubt that emotional stress can accelerate the physical aging process. You have probably met at least a few individuals who have experienced what they imagine to be highly stressful events; maybe a divorce, a departure of a loved one, a quick reduction in income or a market crash or the discovery of a serious health issue or unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, that has accelerated their aging processes quite rapidly.

I remember a young man who found out that his mother had metastasis cancer and within a few weeks he began growing a patch of white hair in the front left region of his scalp. It was quite amazing how quick his hair aging occurred.

I watched a young twenty-year-old girl find out she was pregnant without knowing for sure who the father was and feeling the pressure of the social and financial implications. I literally watched her age at least five years worth especially in her face during a few week period. She seemed no longer to be a young girl, but looked like a matured young woman. How quick stress can take its physiological toll.

But what can you do if you find yourself experiencing such a circumstance that at least initially feels to be quite emotionally distressing.

1. Obviously having someone such as a close friend or professional to
communicate with would be in order.

2. Meditation and stilling your mind to enable your inner solutions to arise
can assist.

3. Exercising to channel off some extra tension maybe in temporarily

4. Making sure you eat quality, nutritiously complete food during such times
is certainly wise.

5. There is another approach that can be also be helpful. It is called The Quantum Collapse Process. It involves a mental questioning exercise that reframes the very experience originally thought to be stressful. It can work wonders on any form of stress and help reduce your age-full mind and time-full body. It involves asking yourself emotionally balancing questions.

Just four of the more than 32 quality questions posed by the process are outlined below*.

•How could your perceived stressful situation actually serve you? How could it benefit you now or in the future?

• To perceive only the negative side of the emotional equation and not even attempt to search for the accompanying positive side can further promote the very stress and keep you perpetually bound to the so-called 'stressor.' This certainly would drain your adrenal gland reserves over time and age you. Balancing the equation dissolves the charge of the 'stressor.' A balanced mind is more timeless and ageless.

•What would be the drawbacks if this emotionally stressful event had not occurred?

Sometimes you may assume that your life would have been only better' if things would have turned out differently than what they actually are or were. Sometimes people compare their present realities to falsely optimistic fantasies. Having unrealistic
expectations upon the world or yourself can add to your stress perceptions when life doesn't match your ideal fantasy. Be sure your expectations upon life are balanced and realistic. Life offers a balance. One-sided events don't occur.

• Since many stressful situations involve personal interactions with other individuals, it is wise to ask where and when you have participated in such an interaction with someone else who perceived you as being the source of their stress? In other words, where have you done in some form what the person has done that you are stressed by?

This question can humble you and make you think twice about unwisely judging others, since a lot of stress involves exaggerated judgments concerning others. Self- reflection is wise and honest inspection often reveals humbling histories. When you become reflective your expectations often become more realistic.

•Since every action involves an equal and opposite reaction where is the exact opposite or "anti" event taking place in your life at the same moment?

• If someone is criticizing or rejecting you ask yourself where is someone

•Simultaneously praising or accepting you, although maybe not from the same location. This takes deep inspection, but it is worth the moment of exploration. A great discovery is revealed when you take the time to honestly probe the initially unseen world that balances every event. A hidden order underlies such seemingly stressful events.

Experiencing high levels of stress can make you prematurely age. But there are a few sensible actions you can do to remedy such stress induced aging dilemmas. By applying the above few outlined approaches to dissolving orf. reducing stress can keep your energies more youthful.

Dr.John Demartini,
International Speaker, Consultant & Author

Dr. John F. Demartini is an international speaker and consultant who breathes life and enthusiasm into his audiences with his enlightening perspectives, humorous observations of human nature and practical action steps.

When he speaks, hearts open, minds become inspired and people are motivated into action. His gentle, fun, and informative teachings, mingle entertaining stories with trans-formational wisdom and insights. His trail-blazing philosophy and revolutionary understanding is reshaping modern psychology and business and transforming the lives of millions. As a retired chiropractor, researcher, writer and philosopher, his studies have made him a leading expert on healing, human motivation and philosophy.

Dr. Demartini is the founder of the Concourse of Wisdom School of Philosophy and Healing, The Breakthrough Experience,The Quantum Collapse Process®, and The Great Discovery(tm).

He has written dozens of books, including two best-selling books entitled "Count Your Blessings - The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love" and "The Breakthrough Experience® - A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation and How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven."

Articles and feature stories about Dr. Demartini and his insightful personal and professional development methodologies have appeared in numerous international magazines and newspapers. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television news and talk shows.

As a presenter, Dr. Demartini has shared his transformative principles and methodologies in conferences to business executives, health professionals, financial managers and consultants working in the field of human consciousness and has presented along side many other well respected speaking professionals including Rupert Sheldrake, William Tiller, Peter Russell, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Donald Beck, Fritof Capra, Nathaniel Branden, Andrew Weil, Gary Schwartz and many more.

As a pioneer on the frontier of human consciousness and an explorer of the ultimate nature of reality, Dr. Demartini is also a leader in the field of psycho-spiritual development & transformation.

For additional information:

email: info@drdemartini.com


or visit:

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