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Kabbalah: The Bnei Baruch Association –
Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
Kabbalah Revealed

The Root of Anti-Semitism
Interview of Rav Michael Laitman, PhD with journalist Sharon Atia

by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD.
Question: There is a rising wave of anti-Semitism sweeping over the world. It is as if being transported back 50 years, to that dark time before the beginning of the Holocaust. Why is this happening and what can be done to prevent it?

Michael Laitman: Today we are witnessing a new rise of anti-Semitism, whereas fifty years ago it was more of a local problem. It is reaching global proportions today, and its continuous spreading is more and more evident as we witness how countries, having never even heard of Jews, support anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism has become a trend.

The reason for this is rooted in the nature of creation. In the ancient Midrash, it is said that in the process of creating the world, the Creator offered the Torah to all the nations for the purpose of their correction and to reach happiness. They rejected the offer because their nature did not allow it. The Creator then offered the Torah to the nation of Israel. They accepted because it was imbedded in their nature to strive towards correction. What were the Creator’s reasons for doing this? He did it so that ultimately the nation of Israel would mix with the other nations of the world, giving them the opportunity to correct themselves.

However, due to the fact that the Jews do not attract the Light of correction into this world, which would fulfill them and bring them closer to the Creator, they cause instinctual hatred towards them within the nations of the world. This is a natural response to an object which causes evil, keeping to itself something that belongs to you, something that you require in order to attain happiness. Their hatred is subconscious, or instinctual and, therefore, impossible to eliminate.

Anti-Semitism is stronger within the more developed nations because the more developed a nation is, the more it is susceptible to suffering, thus subconsciously spurring the development of anti-Semitism. Before the final correction, Nazism ideology will be widely accepted.

It is certain that if the Jews were attracting the Light of correction into this world, they would win love and respect of all the nations. It is said by a Prophet Isaiah that the nations of the world shall bring the sons of Israel upon their shoulders to the land of Israel, so that they would build the Third Temple.

In the worse case scenario the nations of the world are going to destroy the Jews. Since the nation of Israel is not fulfilling its purpose of correcting the world, there is no need for its existence. In its uncorrected state it becomes a destructive element.

Only by studying the Kabbalah can the nation of Israel draw down the Light of correction into this world. By studying the original Kabbalistic texts, one is learning about the Upper World and his place in it. The spiritual Light descends on to a person during the study period and gradually changes him and his surroundings by elevating them spiritually. It is known that all souls are connected; therefore, an individual who is connected to the source has an affect on all other souls. By correcting his own soul he brings other souls closer to correction and fulfillment. It is said by the Creator, through the prophet Moses, that the nation of Israel shall become a “Kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”

It has been prophesized by Kabbalists of all generations that it will happen in our time. This is the reason why Kabbalah became revealed, whereas in the previous generations it was prohibited. We are truly living in the era of the Mashiach.

The nation of Israel has only one purpose: to bring into our world the revelation of the Upper World. If we do not fulfill our obligation then we cannot be called the nation of

Israel and, therefore, the land of Israel will not belong to us. It can only be ours if we act in accordance with our given mission.

Today practically all the nations are convinced that the nation of Israel and the State of Israel has no right to exist. This comes from a deep instinctual feeling that the Jews are the source of all the worlds’ problems. It is impossible to rationalize, but that is what they feel on the level of their animal nature. The nation of Israel has to come to a quick realization of the situation at hand, before the land of Israel spits them out so to speak. Baal HaSulam, the last Kabbalist of our time, wrote that if we do not fulfill our mission we are going to loose the land of Israel.

We still have a chance to do what is expected of us and if not, then we will be forced into another exile. The question is, will anyone want to accept us? In the new exile we will suffer tremendously until we will wish to come back to our land and become the nation of Israel. The Creator’s laws are the laws of the physical and spiritual existence. They are unchangeable and we must oblige them whether we want to or not. Nature is going to bring the entire creation to the Creator. Whether this goal is realized in a painless or painful manner is up to us, but nonetheless it will be realized.

The ani-Semitism we are facing today is really a wake up call from the Creator, reminding us about our mission, which can still be accomplished quickly and easily. If we choose to ignore this call then we will be facing a long and difficult journey.

When I travel abroad, I explain this to Jews as well as non-Jews. In general the non-Jews understand me because they feel that what I am saying is true. I am often asked even before I start speaking, “Why aren’t the Jews building the third Temple? Why are you not fulfilling your role as the chosen nation? Are you not responsible for bringing us the knowledge about the Creator?”

It is said, “There is none else besides Him.” The Creator is the only active force in the entire world. The nations of the world have no free will. They are totally controlled by the Creator and we must recognize the hand of the Creator in their behavior toward us. He is calling upon us to wake up and make appropriate realizations.

The wave of anti-Semitism will not subside; it will only rise because we are living in the time of the Mashiach. We received the land of Israel not for the sake of our pleasure or so that we could realize our dream of a “Little America.” Sadly we have wasted a lot of time and now we are given our last opportunity.

In the years 1926-1927, the greatest Kabbalist of 20th century Baal HaSulam wrote about this in his book, Matan Torah (The Revelation of Godliness). He tried to prevent the wave of anti-Semitism in Europe and the threat of annihilation, which hung over the European Jewry. Unfortunately he was not able to accomplish this. The newspaper in which he wanted to spread Kabbalah was closed. Baal HaSulam then said, “It looks like nothing can be done. A black cloud has come over Europe, but the Jews in the land of Israel are blind.”

Currently we are faced with a similar situation only not in Europe but throughout the whole world, especially here in Israel. Today the nations of the world are acting as one in their turn against Israel. Our representatives abroad are being told straight to their faces that we are responsible for all of the worlds’ problems. We are beginning to get the same treatment the European Jews got in Nazi Germany right before their annihilation began.

The relationship between Israel and other countries resembles that of the Jews and the Germans before the catastrophe. Before we know it, the world will decide that we have no right to our own land. It is becoming evident that other countries are going to abandon us and in one way or another, help our enemies to destroy us.

I advise everyone to rid themselves of thoughts such as, “Live for today because I may die tomorrow” and instead contemplate upon our special mission in this world. If we study Kabbalah and understand our connection to the Creator, then through our thoughts and actions we will begin to influence the world.

We have a lot to accomplish. We really have the opportunity to create rapid change with our thoughts alone. The nations of the world are fair in saying that the Jews rule the world. With our egoistic thoughts we bring evil into this world, but if we choose to think good and loving thoughts then we can change the world for the better in no time at all. Essentially a thought is an action, having the most powerful affect on reality.

Question: Why is it that we do not feel how unhappy we are?

M.L.: We do feel unhappy but unfortunately we try to close our eyes on it. Television, for example, feeds us only entertainment. Treating life with such lightness makes us feel like heroes, when in fact we are the biggest fools. We do not wish to hear the cause of what is happening to us, and the world around us. We shut our eyes and close our ears.

No politician is going to tell us what to do, how to reach the level of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Reaching this level of understanding is our only salvation and it can only be done with the help of the Light that Reforms.

Question: If the dangers you are talking about will come to realization, will it be too late to make any corrections?

M.L.: The problem is that if an order is given from Above, it has to be carried out to its completion. The Kabbalists are calling upon us to respond to their plea, and with the help of Kabbalah begin bringing the higher power into this world. It is up to us to make this world a safe and loving place for everyone.

Kabbalist Rav Michael Laitman, PhD.,
Kabbalist, Rabbi, & Author

World leading Kabbalist, Rav Michael Laitman, PhD has an MS in Bio Cybernetics and a PhD in Philosophy and Ontology.

Rav Laitman is the author of 25 internationally selling books on Kabbalah; his books have been translated into nine languages.

His lessons are broadcast live throughout the Internet and cable TV to tens of thousands of students the world over. In recent years he has become a sought-after lecturer in academic and learning circles in the US and Europe

His search for the meaning of life led him to the teachings of Kabbalah in the 1970’s. At first he studied Kabbalah with various teachers in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel. In 1979 he discovered his true teacher, Kabbalist Rav Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag (1907-1991).

From the time he met Rav Baruch Ashlag (known as the Rabash), he was never apart from him and spent most of his time in his presence, as his disciple and personal assistant. Up until his death, Rabash passed on to Rav Laitman the wisdom he had acquired from his father, Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag, known as Baal HaSulam for his Sulam commentary on The zohar (The Book of Radiance).

Rav Dr. Laitman held a successful public meeting in San-Francisco in March 2005 with leading American scientists, participants of the blockbuster hit "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Here are some of the impressions of the scientists after meeting Dr. Laitman:

Fred Alan Wolf, PhD. author of eleven books, among them The Yoga of Time Travel, Matter into Feeling: a new Alchemy of Science and Spirit, and Mind into Matter: "I admire your knowledge. I would love to sit at your feet and study for a long time."

Jeffery Satinover, MD (Psychiatry), MS (Physics) – Author of seven books including The Quantum Brain & Cracking the Bible Code: "The emergence of Kabbalah from its concealment in a genuine form is historically significant and is truly remarkable."

Rav Laitman is the founder and president of the Bnei Baruch Association – Kabbalah Education & Research Institute. Bnei Baruch is an Israeli based non-profit organization that is dedicated to spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah to all of humanity.

Bnei Baruch conducts daily Kabbalah lessons, broadcasted live on the Internet and available for free.

In 1996 Bnei Baruch created, what is now the largest and most popular Internet site on the subject of Kabbalah--www.kabbalah.info. This website provides unlimited access to Kabbalistic texts and media in over twenty languages, and hosts over a million readers every month.

Website: www.kabbalah.info.

Further information is available at www.kabbalah.info.

The following study
e-books, and resources are free,
and available in the formats listed below:

"Attaining the Worlds Beyond",
by Kabbalist, Rav Michael Laitman, PhD.

Audio book
(MP3 format): www.kabbalah.info/


•"Kabbalah for Beginners"

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•"What the Bleep…"

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Rav Laitman's Latest Book Releases:

•The Kabbalah Experience
Never has the language of Kabbalah been as clear and accessible as it is here, in this compelling, informative collection. The depth of wisdom revealed in the questions and answers of this book will inspire reflection and contemplation.

•The Path of Kabbalah

“Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any manner of likeness” (Exodus 20:3). This commandment from the Bible is the basis of the Kabbalistic wisdom, for Kabbalists know that the only true reality is that of His Essence, the Upper Force.

For more information on obtaining these books and others, visit:


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The Needed Shift in Human Consciousness

Dr. Michael Laitman's speech at the World Wisdom Council meeting in Tokyo, Japan,
"Creating a New Civilization" - November 2005.

Creating a New Civilization - Tokyo 2005

The World Wisdom Council's 3rd meeting "Creating a New Civilization" in Tokyo, November 2005.

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Attaining the Worlds Beyond


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