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Abbott Handerson Thayer, 1849-1921

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To all the beautiful Angels in heaven,
thank you for your guidance and protection these last 11 months.
B and I still need you, now more than ever. We hope to finalize
all the pain and mental anguish and to finally put it all behind us.

Give us the courage and strength we will require to keep it
together until then.
We pray that you surround us in love, empathy and compassion
with a justifiably, substantiated, and great outcome for us.

Betty Campanaro (grams)
Grandmother as you passed on today
may your guardian angels be with you
and with me.
for always
your granddaughter who will truly miss you
robyn hughes

For Sheena Marini:
I pray for good health for you as you go on day by day
in the light of God who is part of us.

Our heartfelt prayers are with you and Pat.

May Hashem's Divine Love, Healing, and Compassion
be with you both. May each day be blessed with
the inner strength for all of life's passages.

With Love,
Robbie and Rhonda

Wes Pascoe:
What can be said of you-
what trace remains, sweet rememberance
in misty dreams...
A mystery to know...
if knowing could be said;
good whiskey on a raw, cold day--you were,
spring wind thru the dugeon door...
and i chained here,
can only watch you slip away...
passed thru unseen portals--
bound out for better shores!
Godspeed my friend; we wish you well...
Merlyn and Jon

To Mary, may you find peace in your soul and happiness
in your heart. May all your troubles finally end and many
years of ease, peace and happiness follow.

To my beloved companion feline friends whom both passed
into spirit only months apart. I know and believe that you
are both in a special place, being cared for by loved ones
patiently awaiting the day of my return....I love you both
so much and felt compelled to write this message to convey
at how blessed I know was at having the privilege of sharing
a part of my life with you both. To my beautiful white feline
"Sheeba" and my beautiful black feline "Satchmo", you will
always live on in my heart for you live on as the "Yin and Yang"
of my loving spirit. Love xoxo

To all of Michael's friends who were there for me and his
family when we needed them the most, god bless you all.
I know Michael is watching over all of us.
God Bless all of you and thank you,
Michael's Mom.

To my Beloved Creator
I thank You and Your Angels for Your constant love, guidance
and protection. Please surround my sister Celina with your
Divine White Light as she journeys through this difficult
period in her life. Help her release her fears and worries in
order to experience Your many blessings. Help her to find
the courage and confidence she needs in her job search,
interviews and daily life.
Thank You so much. Amen

Thank you my silver angel for your presence and the courage
to speak up. Thank you for clearing away the emotional baggage
and supporting me to quickly move through the new. I am
grateful for your presence as I walk into the new paradigm of
seeing the whole and the small and integrating the two.
May others be as blessed as I have been with the courage to
step into their soul purposes and to walk through their
fears as they do so.

Anges please be with me and my family as we, me and
my husband and three grown children, struggle financially
to make ends meet. I have been searching for a job, my
husband is disabled, my oldest son struggles with addiction
problems while trying to pursue a career in music, my
next son is trying to succeed at a new job in mortgages,
and my daughter struggles to keep her college grades up
while trying to pursue a career in art. We are all believers
in Angels and know you are always close by. Keep us
thinking positive and lead us all to a more prosperous life.
Thank you, Debbie

Archangel Michael 'thankyou' for the all the guidance
received. May the Angels continue to Bless & Heal all
my family members and let us share peace and
harmony with each other.
luv & hugs catherine xx

Thank you jesus for blessing me with a wonderful family,
For the gift of Doreen Virtue's books which are helping me
in my difficult transition period. I ask for you continued blessings
and strength and may you and the angels be a constant support
Thank you and bless all who need your comfort let them be
aware of your special love during their difficult times
God bless

Angels please look after my family and friends

Mum Dad and Michael
We love you and miss you so much
L C C Sxxxe,

Dear Diane,
I love you. You are the best. You are a phenomenal woman and
I respect you and believe in you first and foremost. You are an angel!!!
Your Best Friend

Danny, Sean and Thomas,
You are surrounded by angels. You are all blessed!!
Love you,

For the many blessings we have already received, heartfelt thanks.
We are asking for wisdom, courage, healing, love and peace to
abound on Feb. 11, 2005.

Our prayers are with you to succeed in everything you do in life.
Dr. James

You are my angel. Thank you for coming into my life.

Peace and love. We are nearly there. I love you.

May the angels keep sending all my family and friends
loving and healing blessings, sent with love and light,
Maria Earlam xxx.

All of our prayers and loving energies are with you.
Love, R & R

I made it through this last stage with your loving help.
Thanks and love

I'm touched by an angel

Your heart will know-

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family.
God Bless You!

Devine Love Unfolds To You Through You
Around You A Promise fulfilled by God
Love you,

Get Well, Get Strong & Keep Healing !!!!!
Love, R & R

You will move through this with renewed strength.
Ilove you,

Our prayers and wishes for healing are with you.
Just keep positive and know that all things are possible.
We Love you very much.