Marcia Starck:
Medical Astrologer

Medical Astrology is actually an ancient science that reached a certain level of popularity during the Middle Ages. At that time, medical physicians had to be astrologers. As Western medical science progressed into more modern times, it left these roots behind in favor of newer, more "modern" developments. Although, it is interesting to note that there are still a number of highly respected surgeons who are especially careful in the O.R. during a full moon. The body tends to bleed more.

As medicine progressed, medical doctors were trained in treating diseases and symptoms specifically on the physical level, leaving behind their predecessors' viewpoints and practices based upon the additional appreciation and understanding of the energy level. Modern, conventional, Western medicine has led to stunning successes in healing many conditions and diseases. Yet, it does not generally address the healing processes of the "whole person."

It can be said that Marcia Starck is the mother of Modern Medical Astrology. She refers to her work as " Earth Mother Astrology," where her exceptional breadth of knowledge and 30 years experience in Medical Astrology, combine with natural supplements, nutrition, herbs and homeopathics in a heartfelt desire to heal.

When needed, she also includes flower essences. Crystals, gems and aromatherapy in her consultations. Her training in Dowsing assists in finding specific supplements and doses. But for all her amazing skill and clearly brilliant mind, there is an unusually deep sense of warmth, pure spirituality, and loving compassion that brings a sense of a wise, old soul who is here to bring a great gift.

The Meta Arts: What came first, Healing or Astrology?

Marcia Starck: Definitely being an Astrologer. Years before, in my twenties, during my Saturn return , I met Dane Rudyar. It was at a Yoga center where I was facilitating a Saturday afternoon workshop. I was really very taken with Dane's humanistic astrology.

I was a beginner. He chose to tell me a story about Amelia Earhardt. Her astrologer warned her not to fly when her Mars conjuncted the Mars-Jupiter Midpoint.

Midpoints are so important as centers of energy. Later, I did get into them. It came to bear just how important they really are. Dane was definitely a Jupitarian. He had such a broad philosophical reference.

The Meta Arts: Did he do readings?

Marcia Starck: He was more a writer and theoretician.

The Meta Arts: Did you find Astrology, or did Astrology find you?

Marcia Starck: It found me. I was in a theatre play- cast as a gypsy. So, I thought I'd learn some palmistry for the role. I was 29 1/2, finished my Saturn return, and living in San Francisco. My roommate was taking an Astrology course and gave me her pamphlets to read. At work, I would hide my Astrology books under papers so I could read them and learn.

But, Astrology found me. It was time to open it. It explained so much- especially after my Saturn return. I was so depressed and it really explained my feelings. I have a Gemini Moon in the 8th. All those mental munchies!

( laughter from the 3 of us )

In 1975, I started a Holistic Center, in the Bay area, I studied Kabbalah and became acquainted with Marcia Moore, Alan Oaken and Isabel Hickey. They came to the Holistic center as visiting lecturers. Marcia was very loving and gracious. She taught me past life regression.

The Meta Arts: What ever happened to her?

Marcia Starck: She went walking in the woods, late at night. That was the last time she was seen alive. Only her skull was found. They identified her by her teeth. She had Mars- Uranus conjunct in 12th house Cancer. An act of violence.

The Meta Arts: Did you have an "AHA!" moment where you realized that there was something to all this?

Marcia Starck: Yes! It was being given a road map. You just want to turn everyone on to it. So much compassion- it makes you realize compassion. And, I loved the math! It excited my mind. I did not use a computer. Back then, no one did. You did it all by hand. I feel people who never do it by hand are missing the basics. You really need to do it. Learn the foundations.

The Meta Arts: When did you get into Medical Astrology?

Marcia Starck: I was already doing Astrology and at the Renaissance Fair, I would do charts for $10 and interpret them. At the fair, they'd come to my booth. Everybody had bad health problems. People would come and ask me what to do. I would recommend salts and herbs. It was the time of Virgo- a time of harvest.

I got the idea to collect all the charts of health problems in file folders and study them. I knew I could sit down and see what was similar. I began to look at patterns, and progressions. There were not many books about this area of Astrology- Bob Jansky had a few, and the older books did not really give me much. I took courses in Anatomy, Physiology and Herbology. I wanted to know what to tell people to help them.

The Meta Arts: Do you think that Medical Astrology is best used as a diagnostic tool, a preventative tool, or both?

Marcia Starck: Well, you can't give a Western diagnosis. Chinese is actually more accurate. What Western medicine calls disease, Eastern will see as heat. You are inclined to, and able to look at spiritual levels. An example would be when an Aires does not get their way, they tend to get headaches.

I can tell a you how to balance your body to stay healthy and see tendencies- pre-dispositions-not diagnostics. It is more into the preventative mode. That is the blessing of Astrology. I simply made some of the equations. Astrology is a pure language that proves to be a catalyst.

Friends who worked at the Center for Alternative Healing asked me to come speak. I spoke on real basics- polarities. Libra= Kidneys and Relationships. One woman sitting there had lost a kidney, and had bad nerves. She was able to connect her problem with the bad relationship with her husband and son, She did not lose her other kidney, as they had expected her to. She did therapy. The power of the language of Astrology helped her make the equation.

The Meta Arts: In regard to the beginner Astrologer, what is the danger of a little bit of knowledge in using medical Astrology?

Marcia Starck: It's a terrible danger. There are some people who just like to flaunt their knowledge, and there are some who are beginners, sincerely want to be of help, and be really off.

I do not give predictions- we all have free will to change our behaviors and patterns. People need to be empowered, not scared. People need to have the will and want to heal themselves. I believe in giving insight and information that is helpful and empowering. Upstream, down stream, we all have free will.

The Meta Arts: How has your approach to Medical Astrology changed over the years?

Marcia Starck: My approach has not changed, but it has become more complex over the years. Body-mind holistic is a tool- not the end all. As an example, for surgery, I will do an electional chart for cosmic influences- for the best time to flow with the cosmos, flow with the energies. I feel OK with electional for that. And, I use midpoints- Cosmobiology. But, I will not do predictive- it is irresponsible. If you hear it- it is in your cells. That is the problem with Medical Intuitives who say " Here is what you must do" as gospel. This is disempowering. Medical Intuitives can open the door and give insight and information, and that is helpful. But predictive can disempower. We all have free will.

The Meta Arts: What areas, if any, of Medical Astrology still need to be explored?

Marcia Starck: Mental and emotional- the psychological. We don't have that much information. Research into Bipolar and Manic disorders, and "Why" in the chart something like that could happen, and what is needed to balance it.

The Meta Arts: What about the precise timing in regard to healing health problems?

Marcia Starck: Timing is important. It is a matter of obeying the cycles and bringing the body into balance. An electional chart can give good timing in this regard. Energies are energies, and there are better times than others to do things- to schedule things.

The Meta Arts: Where do you see Medical Astrology going in the future?

Marcia Starck: Good question! I really do not know. A lot of Astrologers do not know about Healing, or going into other healing modalities and combining them to offer better counseling. They generally tend to quote straight astrology. Many are afraid to get into trouble prescribing.

I decided not to buy into that fear. I have worked with, and taught MD's and many others in the medical community.
They are becoming more and more interested and open about looking into alternatives, such as nutritional approaches and herbology. I have also had many MDs refer patients to me. So, it may be just a matter of time and exposure. But the need is there.

Just an ending note: We close this interview with Marcia Starck with deep gratitude for taking the time and sharing her views with us. Below you will find her "Cosmic Events of 2003." For information on her up-coming lectures, workshops, tapes and books (she has a new one out), or a consultation, we include her website:


by Marcia Starck

The next year, 2003, is full of strong planetary alignments and shifts of energy. In the past two years, there has been an emphasis in fire and air signs. Now we will begin to shift this emphasis to the water element with Uranus entering Pisces in March, Saturn entering Cancer in June, and Mars retrograde in Pisces from June till December. The earth element will also get some attention when the north node moves into Taurus in April and Jupiter goes into Virgo in September. With this emphasis shifting to water and earth, we would hope for less conflict and more compassion in our world this year. However, both the planets Mars and Saturn reach their perihelion ( the place where they are closet to earth) this summer. With Mars so close to earth, aggression and war-like movements will probably be evident. With Saturn so close, our leaders will try to impose more rules and structures; this will be a field day for bureaucracy! (An example being the creation of the Homeland Security department in the United States.)

Let's look at Uranus' shift into Pisces from Aquarius on March 10. Uranus was last in Pisces from 1919-1927, the period after World War I and the formation of the League of Nations. Uranus in Pisces would seem to signify new spiritual concepts and groups, especially with Neptune, ruler of Pisces, in Aquarius. These planets are in mutual reception, each in the home of the other's sign so they will work together. Uranus in Pisces can also bring new developments in the area of healing, especially with Mars in Pisces this year. Insulin to aid diabetics was discovered the last time Uranus was in Pisces. In addition, the chromosome theory of heredity was brought forth. Might we find emerging some new spiritual leaders as well? Gandhi became a leader in India during the war between India and Great Britain last time Uranus was in Pisces. Uranus retrogrades back into Aquarius on September 15 but it goes into Pisces permanently on December 30.

Saturn moves into Cancer on June 3; its exact perihelion is on July 26. The last time that both Saturn and Mars were in perihelion was in 1915 during World War I. During that time, thousands of Armenians were massacred by the Turks, and the Germans first used poison gas as a weapon during the second battle of Ypres. Saturn was again in perihelion in Cancer in 1944 during World War II with the Allies invading Normandy and the Germans launching V-2 rockets. The last time Saturn was in perihelion (also in Cancer) was in 1974. Nixon resigned that year after the Watergate scandal, India became the world's sixth nuclear power, and the Turks murdered and raped civilians in Cyprus. In 1915, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct; in 2002 we had Saturn and Pluto still opposing each other, and this energy seems to be carried into the new year with the ongoing war on terror and the proposed war on Iraq.

Mars enters Pisces on June 17; it retrogrades on July 29 in 10 degrees of Pisces, and then goes direct on September 27 in 0 degrees. Mars doesn't leave Pisces until December 17. On August 30 Mars reaches its perihelion, indicating that this time period, as well as the end of July with Saturn's perihelion, could be very challenging for the world. On June 23, right after summer solstice, Mars conjoins Uranus in Pisces. In its retrograde cycle, Mars comes within one degree of conjoining Uranus on September 14 as well. These times can be very tumultuous and can be periods when we experience strong earth changes such as earthquakes and tornadoes. Mars in Pisces also has a lot to do with healing; we may see some innovative healing techniques developed and world wide organizations promoting peace and compassion.

In February, when Mars is still in Sagittarius, it conjoins Pluto. This conjunction will oppose Saturn by 3 degrees and is close to the full Moon of February 16 at 28 degrees Leo, which opposes the Sun Uranus conjunction then, and squares the eclipse point of November 19, 2002 at 27 degrees Taurus. This could be a very tense time in international relations. On May 14, Mars conjoins Neptune, which is stationing at 13 degrees of Aquarius. They both oppose Jupiter in Leo and occur at the time of the first eclipse of the year, May 16, at 25 degrees Scorpio, opposing the eclipse of November 19, 2002.

Jupiter remains in the fire sign Leo most of the year, and enters earthy Virgo in September. The emphasis now has certainly shifted to earth and water. Jupiter's passage through Virgo the next year could signify a time when the poorer nations of the world are helped by the large industrial nations. It could also indicate more programs to help the needy, better Medicare and welfare benefits. Jupiter in Virgo may mean an expansion of alternative healing systems, especially organic foods and farming. Jupiter opposes Mars in early September and is close to opposing Uranus, so this could be a time to watch in terms of world events.

The north node enters Taurus in April, and hovers around 29 degrees of Taurus, the degree of the Pleiades, for three months. In mid-June the nodes square Mars at 29 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius; this could provoke some tension personally and cosmically. In early August the nodes square Jupiter in Leo as Mars is getting brighter in the sky and moving to its exact perihelion.

Our eclipses this year occur in Scorpio and Taurus, and also Gemini and Sagittarius. May's lunar eclipse is at 25 degrees of Scorpio opposite the November 19, 2002 eclipse degree; The solar eclipse on May 31 is at 9 degrees Gemini, opposite the December 4, 2002 eclipse and close to the 7th house cusp of the United States' chart. We may begin to see some changes in the government starting next summer. The total lunar eclipse November 9 is at 16 degrees Taurus while the total solar eclipse is at 1 degree Sagittarius.

Marcia Starck,
Medical Astrologer
Marcia Starck has been working in the field of Astrology and Healing for over 30 years. She began research into Medical Astrology in 1971 when she found that so many of her clients had symptoms that could be relieved by preventive health care, if they understood their symptoms.

Her studies in Nutrition took her to North American College in San Rafael, CA where she studied Anatomy and Physiology as well as Advanced Nutrition, writing a paper on the various nutritional approaches to Cancer. She studied Herbology through many retreats and seminars at the California School for Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA.

After her first book, Astrology-Key to Holistic Health, was published in 1982, she studied flower essences, crystals and gems, and aromas. In 1985 and 1986 she lived in the Sierra foothills in California, studying with herbalists, the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, and working with crystals. At this time, she wrote Earth Mother Astrology (re-printed as Healing with Astrology - 1997). She also wrote The Complete Handbook of Natural Healing (re-printed as Handbook of Natural Therapies - 1998).

Throughout the 1970's and 80's Marcia traveled extensively lecturing and doing workshops at various conferences in the United States, Canada, and Hawaii. She did consultations for many clients and began telephone consultations as a way to maintain her clients in other areas.

In 1987 another phase of work was begun - rituals and ceremonies for women at different stages of their lives. The first Crone Rite of Passage for women at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, CA took place in October 1987, and the first Dark Goddess Retreat, also at Isis Oasis, in October 1988.

Currently, she conducts ceremonies for equinoxes and solstices as well as summer retreats near Santa Fe, NM and in other cities in the US and world. In 1993 two books were published, Women's Medicine Ways-Cross Cultural Rites of Passage, and The Dark Goddess-Dancing with the Shadow. These were followed by The Dark God-Exploring the Male Shadow in 1995. Retreats for both women and men are also held in Santa Fe and other areas.

Since 1992 Ms. Starck has resided in Santa Fe, NM. She does consultations by telephone and in person focusing not only on Medical Astrology, but also general Astrology with an emphasis on psychological and spiritual aspects as well as Astro-CartoGraphy (working with locations for both residence and travel), and Relationship Astrology.

She also teaches classes on Medical Astrology and conducts seasonal rituals and summer retreats. In the near future, she will be working in Brazil and Europe.
Have a question for Marcia Starck?

You may contact her by telephone at (505) 983-8779 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM MST Monday-Saturday.

You may also contact her by mail at PO Box 5435, Santa Fe, NM 87502 or at 913-Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

Her e-mail address is earthmed@aol.com.

Appointments for telephone consultations should be made by telephone.

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