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Cupid by Carravaggio, 1571-1610

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Women Seeking Men:
I am 40 y.o. Asian female is looking for matured decent man for friendship & relationship. I love to natural wonders, beaches, swimming & water resorts

Women Seeking Men:

I'm single Filipina looking my future husband..
I'm 26 years old...lonely....i want to have my own family now...

Hi, my name is Marilyn and im 40 years old, most would say i look 25. Im a North American Indian. I live in Canada. Im a petite, 5' 3" blond hair, hazel eyes, 36-28-37. Im looking for a happy man who settled in his own way. My email is

Hey, I'm Blythe, I'm a 34 year old woman in Minneapolis MN. I own a home and I am looking for someone to share it with me. My e-mail is

SWF, 39, 5'-5," 34-26-37, Brn/Grn, attractive, healthy, fit, NON-smoking, Tarot consultant, Wiccan, cat-lover in RI. ISO: fit, healthy, grounded man.

Men Seeking Women:

Male 55 seeking female friendship and companionship. Would like to go to Harley gatherings with female friend as it is very tiring and lonely riding solo all of these years. Residence is NorthEastern Illinois just South of the Wisconsin boarder smack between Chicago and Milwaukee. Some distance traveling is not a problem.

My name is Doug. I live in Spokane, Washington. I am 6'1", blond/blue, 190 lbs., average build. I am looking for fun & good conversations with a good woman.

Older Male
Seeking female friends for friendly sharing and correspondence.
Write to:

Inward Single Deep WM, (12-24-59) Earth-Boar, entices one similar SWF Wood-Rabbit (1975?). Let's deepen, sweeten, ripen together, offering our lovingness to the all. Our first love, truth; our highest truth, love. 5'11", slim, 150, left of anarchist, loving the true, pure, fresh, natural, real & timeless.

49 years old and re-entered school to study art. partner Anna entered bardo. e-mail: deltafoghat@nethere.com. just want a friend.

Women Seeking Women:

Men Seeking Men:

My name is Doug. I live in Spokane, Washington. I am looking for some fun with a man.

Seeking Friends:

Deaf 37 years old female athiest seeking intellectually and emotionally
stimulating and mature pen-pals. Let's discuss: Non-violent Communication theories, psychic vampirism, coping w/ lifelong chronic illnesses while evolving energetically & biofeedback.

i am alice i am 43 and i am looking for friends from around the world who have different interests like myself. i am very interested in angels, also i enjoy reading,singing, playing guitar writin music,poetry,swimming,walking,greyhounds which i have 3 of them,all kinds of things. i want a friend who is kind loving caring giving and understanding. someone i can talk to and to share thoughts with. they can be either male or female. if interested my email is amksmithline@rcn.com thanks

My name is Michelle. I am a 54 year old, cafe internet/sandwich shop/ tarot reader; born in Montreal; living in Mexico.

Interested in speaking about topics such as Tarot, psychic experiences we have all had, energy work, dreamwork etc. I am a married woman with one daughter in college. I am a lawyer by day and almost every other minute of life I spend with the real interests of my heart: family, food, nature as in pets and trees and the ocean, health of body and spirit. I love that we are spiritual beings with dreams and feelings and revelations day to day about the world in which we dwell. We live on Long Island, New York and we are always just 20 minutes from the beach.
I also write poetry and I am working on a book at this time. I would love to hear from others who share any of my interests.

Looking to email anyone who has any similar interests. I live in
Victoria, Australia. I am passionate about all things spiritual,
psychic and all aspects of behaviour. I am interested particularly in
psychometry (reading objects) but also tarot, mediumship and all types
of readings. I love to travel and love learning.

Hope to hear from you,