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Angel Blessings

The Angels are
Watching Over Us All

by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

“If the world is ending, should I just go ahead and change my life and do everything that my heart desires to do right now?” The female caller on my hayhouseradio.com show was sincere as she asked me whether she should focus upon her dreams, if the world was about to end.

With the Japanese earthquake, the Mayan calendar ending next year, and earth changes in the news, it’s normal to think about our mortality – individually and collectively. In fact, to do so is VERY healthy!

When I was an undergraduate, I took a college psychology course called “On Death and Dying,” which was the study of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief. We learned how to help ourselves and others cope with loss. And as field trips, our class visited funeral parlors, crematoriums, and cemeteries.

This pushed me to examine my own fears and anxieties about death. These fears, called “existential anxiety,” are based upon worries whether life holds meaning and purpose, and whether there is an afterlife, reincarnation, or just “nothing” afer death.

I realized that I was procrastinating pursuing my dreams, such as writing a book, because I believed it would passively happen some day in the future when I had more time. Upon closer examination, I realized that I believed I would write my book when I retired from working as a senior citizen. I also intuited that I was both afraid of success and of failure. To avoid all of these feelings, I’d avoided working on my book and other dreams.

Once I made these ah-hah! realizations, my fears lessened. Fears always lessen when you confront them. That’s why the ego compels us to keep stuffing fears down with addictive behaviors.

Within two years, I’d written my first book and was published. After graduation, when I began working as an eating disorder therapist, I focused upon helping my clients to confront their hidden fears, too. The question I’d often ask my clients is one that I’d like to ask you, too:

“If you knew that you only had a short amount of time to live, what changes would you make in your life?”

My clients would answer with wonderful goals and desires, such as learning how to fly an airplane; traveling more; doing volunteer charitable work; playing a musical instrument; starting their own business; and having more fun and leisure.

We would then examine their answers and ask another question: “What are you waiting for?” Once they began working on their dreams, their anxieties and depression symptoms lessened or disappeared.

Yes, the Mayan calendar ended in 2012. Yes, the tragedies in Japan and other places experiencing changes are intense right now. But this doesn’t mean the world is going to end. The angels have been showing me visions of the earth’s future since I was a little girl. . . and the future is beautiful. They show me an Eden-like world with peaceful people cooperating with one another.

We are going through major changes in the world, which will culminate in blessings for us all collectively. And even if the world were going to end, how would you want to spend your last days? In worry, anxiety, and fear? Or in great joy and bliss?

You were created by God, and everything that God creates is immortal and eternal. Your soul is ancient and has had many experiences . . .and will continue to do so. Even if the physical world ended, YOU would continue to live on and on . . .as would your loved ones.

So, let’s use any anxieties about the world in beneficial ways:

DO put your priorities front-and-center on your daily schedule

DO give yourself permission to pursue your goals and live your dreams now!

DO talk with God a lot, and give God your worries for healing and uplifting

DO focus upon taking excellent care of the environment

DO use positive and loving words

DO surround yourself with gentle, positive people

DO open your heart to as much love as possible. At the end of your life, what will matter most is your answer to this question: “How much did I love?”

DON’T procrastinate living your dreams

DON’T wait until you have more money, time, or ideas to begin working on your priorities

DON’T listen to negativity from yourself or others

Here’s a prayer to support you:

“Dear God, Thank you for holding me strongly in your loving arms, giving me ing me the strength and the courage to change my life in healthy ways. Please clearly guide me and show me signs to help me know my next best step to take. Thank you for sending your angels to my side to protect and guide me and my family.”

Mother Mary Story Submissions

Have you had an experience with beloved Mother Mary in meditation, prayer, miracles, dreams, epiphanies, healings, visitations, vision, or apparition? If so, please consider sharing your experience in Doreen’s new book. You can submit your story anonymously or with your real name, and you will retain all copyrights to the story.

To submit your story, please send it in the body of your email (no attachments please) to: AngelTherapyBook@aol.com along with a sentence giving Doreen Virtue and Hay House permission to edit and publish your story. Let us know how you’d like your name to appear and your mailing address for your copy of the book when it’s published.

By the way, if your story has appeared in any of Doreen’s books and you haven’t yet received your copy of the book, it probably means that we don’t have your correct mailing address. Please let us know by writing to us at AngelTherapyBook@aol.com with the name of the book your story appeared in, your name as it appeared in the story, page number if you have it, and your current mailing address.

Dr. Doreen Virtue, P.h.D., Spiritual, Clairvoyant Psychologist
Dr. Doreen Virtue (yes, that is her real name) is a spiritual clairvoyant psychologist who holds B.A. M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Virtue is the author of 22 books on mind-body-spirit issues. Included in this list are such titles as: Healing with the Angels, Divine Guidance, Angel Therapy, The Lightworker's Way and The Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome.

Dr. Virtue is the founder and former director of WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Cumberland Hall Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. She was also an administrator at Woodside Women's Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both all-women psychiatric hospitals specialized in treating women's psychological issues. Dr. Virtue also directed three outpatient psychiatric centers, including an adolescent drug and alcohol abuse center.

As a child, Doreen was a natural clairvoyant, seeing and conversing with what many people call "invisible friends" (which are really angels and deceased loved ones). But this natural gift and ability was little understood by the young Doreen and her family, and was the cause of teasing by her friends. Consequently, Doreen learned to deny her abilities, effectively shutting them down before she was mature enough to fully appreciate them.

But on July 15, 1995, Doreen's personal life and her career, marked by exemplary but conventional success, would be irrevocably altered by an incident that is nothing short of miraculous. Doreen had been ignoring her angels' guidance to become a teacher of mind-body-spirit issues. So, when an angel warned Doreen that her car was going to be stolen on that fateful July afternoon, Doreen ignored him. After all, her habit of arguing with and ignoring the angels was deeply ingrained by then. Despite this, the angel did not abandon

Doreen in her most dire moment - as she was parking, two armed men, intent on a carjacking, brandished weapons and physically accosted the unsuspecting Doreen. The voice spoke to her again - it was loud, distinctly male and it instructed her to scream with all her might. This time she listened, she screamed, and her life was saved by passersby who became alarmed and sent her attackers running.

Dr. Virtue immediately began a daily rigorous practice of receiving and deciphering her Divine Guidance. Simultaneously, she was reexamining her spiritual beliefs, along with her Western psychological beliefs, the end result being twofold: Dr. Virtue was guided to look at psychology from a whole new perspective, and her natural clairvoyance rapidly returned with the same clarity and strength of her childhood experiences.

Dr. Virtue's practice then naturally evolved into "Angel Therapy," in which she combines her skills as a psychologist with her spiritual abilities. Dr. Virtue's belief is simple; everyone is born with some form or forms of psychic abilities - in other words, a sixth sense. This ability, or abilities - like all other God-given abilities, needs to be nurtured and exercised to maximize it's strengths. Dr. Virtue cites over 300 scientific studies from Harvard, Cornell, and other leading universities supporting her beliefs in people's natural psychic abilities and in the power of prayer in healing.

Dr. Virtue currently lectures and gives experiential workshops on spiritual psychological issues worldwide. Doreen's topics include: angel therapy, angel communication, spiritual healing, mediumship, reincarnation, channeling, and other spiritual topics. Many of her students are medical and psychological professionals, including M.D.'s, R.N.'s, psychologists, and social workers.

Dr. Virtue's national media includes: Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, The View with Barbara Walters, Donny & Marie, Roseanne, and other national programs. National print media includes: Redbook, Woman's Day, and USA Today.


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