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Today's Planetary Aspects at a Glance:
This feature will return in the near future.

Highlighted Sites to Visit:

The Adler Museum:

Unquestionably the finest site for those with a true penchant for Astronomy.

They have an absolutely awesome collection of instruments, spanning every time period and culture.

We highly recommend a visit to this museum, at the very least, to their web site:

This Week's Planetary Highlights:

The Astrolabe

The astrolabe pictured above is an exceptional example of the classic instrumentation used in calculating the planets. The piece is by Norman Greene of Puzzelworks.

Armillary Sphere

Another example of classic instrumentation used in Astrology and Astronomy, is the Armillary Sphere. The example below was created by Stanley London.

Source: Solar Fire 5. Ephemeris Times Are Midnight, UT
The Daily Ephemeris:
Sun: 08 degrees Virgo, 42 minutes
Moon: 28 degrees Capricorn, 10 minutes
Mercury: 04 degrees Libra, 28 minutes
Venus: 06 degrees Leo, 21 minutes
Mars: 03 degrees ancer, 57 minutes
Jupiter: 19 degress Aquarius, 53 minutes, Rx
Saturn: 22 degrees Virgo, 54 minutes
Uranus: 25 degrees Pisces, 17 minutes, Rx
Neptune: 24 degrees Aquarius, 41 minutes Rx
Pluto: 00 degrees Capricorn, 41 minutes Rx
Planetary Aspects:
Moon: In Aquarius
Trine Mercury: 9:22 AM, EDT
Opposite Venus: 2:28 PM, EDT


Phases of the Moon:

First Quarter Moon: August 27, 2009
04 Sagittarius, 21, 7:42 AM, EDT
Full Moon September 04, 2009
12 Pisces, 15, 12:03 PM, EDT
Last Quarter Moon: September 11, 2009
19 Gemini 28, 10:16 PM, EDT
New Moon: September 18, 2009
25 Virgo 59, 2:44 PM, EDT

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